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Colne - updates

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Colchester - P75 - text - RH column - although the town centre is about a mile away there is a supermarket, bars and restaurants close at hand. (Sept 2017)

Brightlingsea - P68 - Text - 3rd para, 1st sentence - change text to read ‘…..or, alternatively, in the Waterside Marina (the berthing complex in front of the flats).”

Waterside Marina - P69 - Info box - delete Contact, Call sign and phone details, insert ‘Contact Brightlingsea Harbour as above’.  (April 2017)

Brightlingsea - P69 - Waterside Marina - text, LH column, top of page - marina has been dredged. (July 2016)

Info panel - Water taxi - Now Ch 68, not 37. Also shown in the text, P68, R-H column, final para. (July 2015);

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 River Colne - Updates