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Crouch - updates

Displayed in date order, latest first.


Burnham - P95 - text and bottom photo - Crouch YC has unfortunately now closed. (Nov 2018)

Essex Marina - P96 - Info box - delete ‘TCS Chandlery’ and details; insert ‘Marinestore Chandlery’ and phone number 01702 258094 (April 2018)

North Fambridge Yacht Station - P99 - Info box - 18-Ton hoist replaced by 25-Ton hoist.

Fambridge Yacht Haven - P100 - Info box - 25-Ton hoist replaced by 40-Ton hoist. (March 2017)

River Crouch - P92 and P94 - chartlets - change light characteristics of Fairway No.1 buoy to QG; amend text in bottom line of LH column, P94. (Jan 2017)

Chartlet - P98 - and Text - P100,101 - new unlit navigation buoys placed as follows:

SHB ‘KINGSMAN’ at  5137’.92N 00037’.93E; SHB ‘BRANDY HOLE’ at  5137’.99N 000 38’.68E; PHB ‘HAWBUSH’ at 5137’.96N 00037.64E. (July 2015)

Chartlets - P94 and 97 - Fairway no.15 buoy renamed ‘Croshaw 15’.

Fambridge Yacht Haven (Stow Creek) - P99 - text, RH column, 2nd para: the reflective leading mark posts now each display a Fixed Light. (One post is clearly visible to the right of the yacht in the photo at the foot of P99). Photo at foot of same page - post at left labelled ‘Ada Point’ incorrectly marked, it is if course ‘Stow Post’. (May 2015)

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 River Crouch - Updates