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Here we provide any downloads or links that may be needed to keep your current edition of ECP up to date, and to assist pilotage in our area.

Downloads can be printed using Adobe Reader or direct from your browser, and will either be replacement chartlets or diagrams for pasting into your book over the

originals, or in some cases they are extra features such as the Stone Point chartlet. Any replacements are exactly the same physical size as those in your book, so take care with any re-scaling options that your printer may offer you.     

Don’t forget that home PC printer inks are often not waterproof!

Updates to ECP 4th Edition chartlets and diagrams for printing and pasting into the book

(click entries for downloads)


East Swale to Wallet   - updated ‘rolling road’ diagram for Page 178, dated Sept 2015 (PDF)

Imray Deben Chartlet

This chartlet by Imrays was drawn from the Trinity House survey dated March 2018.

Imray Ore Chartlet

This chartlet by Imrays was drawn from the Trinity House survey dated March 2018.

General chartlets & links

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Foundry Reach and the Walton & Frinton YC Basin

Two very useful plans showing the buoyed route south along Foundry Reach to WFYC, and details of the area when you arrive. The plans, which we have combined into a 2-page PDF, were provided by kind permission of John Hale and the Walton & Frinton YC (PDF)

Deben entrance aerial photo - taken by an ECP reader at LW on 18th April 2018. (PDF)

Stone Point /Walton Backwaters - the plan shows the depths around Stone Point in the Walton Backwaters, following surveys carried out between March and April 2018. The plan was provided by kind permission of John Hale and the Walton & Frinton YC.  (PDF)

SW Sunk Swatchway

Friend and colleague Roger Gaspar surveyed the SW Sunk Swatchway again in June 2016. His new chartlet is available on his website, www.crossingthethamesestuary.com . (PDF)

East Swin and Middle Deep - diagram showing deletion of East Swin buoyage and new buoyage in Middle Deep, from mid-Sept 2015. (Created using Imray’s charts for iPad)  (PDF)

London Array Wind Farm - this Operations and Maintenance’ leaflet, plus attached ‘instructions for fishermen’, describe the windfarm with useful information about navigating through it, including through Foulgers Gat.  (PDF)

Thanet Wind Farm - useful chartlet showing the location of this wind farm, together with its buoyage, courtesy of Vattenfall Wind Power UK  (Image)

Swin Spitway - a chartlet is available at our partner site www.crossingthethamesestuary.com showing depths found in 2011. Link is to their downloads page.  (Web Link)

Medway and Swale visitor chartlets - these chartlets were produced and hosted by the Medway & Swale Boating Association.  (Web link)

Thames Recreational Website - a useful PLA resource, where there is plenty of helpful information.  (Web link)

Raysand Channel - from our partner site www.crossingthethamesestuary.com, a chartlet surveyed and drawn by Roger Gaspar, plus accompanying notes. (Web link)

Queenborough Harbour - a useful diagram of Queenborough harbour, showing locations of visitor moorings, by kind permission of Queenborough Harbour Trust. Note: West is ‘up’ !!  (PDF)




chartlet & advice

Drawn Apr 2018

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chartlet & advice

Drawn Apr 2018

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