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Thames Estuary Passages

 - Updates

Thames Estuary Passages - updates

Displayed in date order, latest first.


Estuary Passages diagram - P176 - L/H latitude scale towards the bottom - 52° 25’ - delete the 52°. (Sept 2016)

Demolition of Grain chimney - affects P175 (reference in 2nd column first para, and photo at foot of page),

P176 (chartlet, delete Tr symbol (R Lts)). (Sept 2016)

Along the Coast - P175 - 4th para - amend 1st sentence to read “The route would then pass the Maplin SHB and continue along the Middle Deep, past the Maplin Middle SHB and on to the Maplin Approach SHB.” 5th para - amend 1st sentence to begin “From the Maplin Approach….”. (See our News page for the details of the new buoy positions).

Estuary Passages diagram - P176 - delete the route line in the East Swin and re-draw in the Middle Deep.

Rolling Road - P178 - ‘E.Swale to Wallet’ - new version available to print from our Downloads page or request from the publishers. (August 2015)

Chartlet - P177 - Long Sand Inner and Long Sand Outer SWBs - light characterstic is now ISO.2s.

Rolling Road - P179 - change light characteristics as above. (April 2015)

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