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Brightlingsea Fuel Pontoon (7th May 2017)

There will not be any fuel available at Brightlingsea Harbour from 8th-13th May, because the fuel pontoon will be away for a refit.

Submerged object, Kentish Flats windfarm (Updated 24th Apr 2017)

The precise position of this object, reported earlier, is now known to be within the boundaries of the windfarm. It is recommended that all seafarers remain outside the windfarm for their own safety until it is removed.

Waterside Marina changes (24th April 2017)

Management of the Waterside Marina at Brightlingsea is now in the hands of the Harbour Trust, and you should contact Brightlingsea Harbour office if you wish to use the marina. See changed contact details on the Colne updates page.

New Deben and Ore entrance chartlets available (19th Apr 2017)

The new river entrance chartlets have now been drawn at Imrays, and approved by Trinity House. They can as usual be found on our Downloads page.

John White, Deben HM, advises us that there is very little water, inches only, at LWS on the Deben bar. The channel is very narrow, and extra care is needed to stay on track.

We have no first-hand experience of the Ore entrance yet this year and would be pleased to hear any comments or advice. It is also evidently very shallow on approach.

North Fambridge - Ferry Boat Inn (Updated 15th Apr 2017)

We understand that the popular Ferry Boat Inn, by the Crouch at North Fambridge, has reopened on schedule after being closed for some weeks awaiting new management.

Stone Point, Walton Backwaters (14th Apr 2017)

A new chartlet of the channel past Stone point to and from the Walton Channel is now on our Downloads page by kind permission of W&FYC.

Pot-marking - Petition (14th Apr 2017)

The Cruising Association has initiated a Government petition regarding inadequate marking of fishing pots - see

Lowestoft - nav buoy missing (12th Apr 2017)

Mariners on the move in Lake Lothing should note that the ‘Compass’ PHB has been damaged and is not on station.

Heybridge Basin lock operational again (4th April 2017)

Lock keeper Grant Everiss has told us that the lock is now operational again after extensive refurbishment work over the winter. There is also some improvement to the access gutway outside, and some extra withies marking it should be in place by Easter.

Dangerous Crouch wreck report (28th Mar 2017)

The Crouch HM has reported that the charted obstruction on the southern edge of the Buxey Sands, north of the Buxey Edge Light Buoy in position 51˚40’.659’N  001˚03.487E, now appears to be in a slightly different position, 51˚40’.924N 001˚03’.660E.

It is believed to be a wreck, possibly up to 70 feet in length; stanchions have been sighted at low water approximately 1m above the water. Mariners are advised to remain within or close to the Fairway between Swallowtail No 4 and Buxey Edge buoys when navigating in this area.

Fambridge Yacht Haven improvements (28th March 2017)

Additions at Fambridge this Spring include a new dredger, with which the management aim to provide all-tide access in Stow Creek and within the marina. A new 40-ton boat hoist is expected too, replacing the old 25-ton hoist which will be relocated to North Fambridge Yacht Station.

Deben entrance changes (updated 13th Feb 2017)

The Mid and West Knoll buoys at Woodbridge Haven have been moved signiificantly as a result of shifting shingle banks. A new Imray chartlet is available on our Downloads page. Please take extra care entering or leaving the Deben, calling our Honorary Port Pilot and Deben HM John White for advice if you are in doubt. John tells us that there is virtually no depth across the bar at LW at the moment.

New HM for Brightlingsea (17th Nov 2016)

Experienced sailor James Thomas has been appointed as the new Harbour Master at Brightlingsea. Congratulations to him, and you can read about him and his background here.


Brightlingsea Harbour - Dredging (11th Nov 2016)

Dredging will commence within Brightlingsea Harbour as from the 14 Nov 2016. The tug Jean T will be in attendance and carrying out the dredging. Vessels are advised to transit through the harbour with caution. For further information contact ‘Brightlingsea Harbour’ on VHF Ch68.

Paglesham moorings (11th July 2015, updated 11th Nov 2016)

Following a change of ownership at the boatyard at Paglesham last year , the Crouch HM issued a notice saying “As of 10th July 2015 the boatyard pontoon is no longer available for vessels to moor on. The slipway and afloat moorings are also closed to visitors until further notice.” The Crouch HM recently reiterated that this is still the case; however, visitors may be able to borrow a Roach Sailing Association mooring using the contact details published in ECP.

Ore entrance buoyage (27th October 2016)

The Weir and Oxley buoys have been removed today, as is usual for the winter period. They will be replaced in Spring 2017, after Trinity House have surveyed the area. Our chartlet download, with its accompanying notes, is still available from our Downloads page, the 2016 positions of the buoys marked on it. Winter storms will almost certainly change the nature of the entrance.

Dangerous wreck south of Ramsgate entrance (Updated 5th October 2016)

This wreck is SSW of the West Quern buoy, between it and the B2 buoy that guards the Cross Ledge bank. Position is 51°18’·63N 001°25·12E. Extreme caution needed. This is an ‘old’ wreck probably exposed by the shifting of sandbanks in the area.

Grain Chimney demolished (7th Sept 2016)

The 244m chimney at the old power station on the western side of the Medway entrance, for years a very useful landmark, was demolished today.


Medway, Gas Terminals warning (6th July 2016)

Peel Ports, the port authority for the Medway, has issued a notice reminding mariners to keep 150 metres away from the LNG terminal quays, or 250 metres from any tanker berthed there. They have warned of action against skippers who transgress. The quays are on the north side, and east of the container terminal.

Pin Mill / Chelmondiston (6th July 2016)

Any visitors hoping to stock up at the village shop in ‘Chelmo’ should note that it is currently closed; locals hope that a buyer will come forward and reopen it.

‘East Coast Pilot’ now available as an iBook (22nd Feb 2016)

Growing numbers of leisure sailors are keeping documentation on iPads, and we’re pleased to announce that Imays have now made ECP available as an iBook, as an alternative to the print version. You will find a link on our Buy Books page.