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Kingsferry Bridge failure (15th Nov 2019)

Just to add to the creeping ‘East Coast Bridge Disease’, Kingsferry Bridge, which crosses the Swale, has a mechanical failure and cannot lift UFN. Engineers will be on site from Monday (18th) morning.

More Lowestoft Bascule Bridge closures (15th Nov 2019)

The bascule bridge between the outer harbour and Lake Lothing wiill be undergoing night-time maintenance on these dates -

10/11/2019 to 14/11/2019 (all dates inclusive) – 2 consecutive nights (previously announced)

16/11/2019 to 17/11/2019 (all dates inclusive) – 2 consecutive nights (extra closures)

No small boat openings. Commercial vessel openings will be accommodated with a minimum of 12hrs notice, one hour either side of the HW or LW period. ………It may be possible to accommodate small boat transits with any essential commercial vessel openings, although small boats will only be permitted to transit with a large commercial vessel if in the same direction of travel.

Ore Entrance buoys (24th Oct 2019)

The buoys at the Ore entrance have as usual been removed for the winter. They will be located again, possibly in new positions following a new survey, around early April 2020.

Little Sunk (29th Sept 2019)

We have updated our Downloads page again, this time to include a new chartlet and notes about crossing the Little Sunk, information from Roger Gaspar’s website at www.crossingthethamesestuary.com.

Havengore Bridge (Updated 24th Sept 2019)

We were notified on 24 July that the bridge had failed again, and heard more recently that engineers are addressing the problem. It is very unfortunate indeed that this very prolonged outage occurred in peak boating season.

However there is now a glimmer of hope and some promised one-off opening dates. QinetiQ have issued the following statement -

“Whilst our contractors are making good progress towards repairing the current fault, they are estimating that it will not be fully resolved for another 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, QinetiQ has instructed the contractor to conduct some immediate adaptation works that will render the bridge suitable and safe for full manual operation. (As a result) we are pleased to confirm that we will be manually operating Havengore Bridge to allow passage for marine traffic on:

·        Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 September

·        Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 October

·        Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 October

The bridge will be operated in accordance with the MOD byelaws and so will be staffed for 2 hours either side of high tide, during daylight hours. The manual lifting and lowering process may take a little longer than the automated process so we would appreciate your patience and co-operation.

Further dates may be added subject to demand and resourcing considerations.”

There has been a lot going on in the background with efforts being made to improve the reliability of the bridge, and we are all encouraged to use the Havengore route to ensure that traffic is seen to be needing it. It’s a very interesting passage to make, to or from the Roach; there are detailed guidance notes in ECP and in the updates on this website, so do have a go if you have a suitable craft (when the bridge is operational!!).

New 5th Edition of ECP (9th September 2019)

We are pleased to announce that the new 5th edition of ECP has been published, and is already appearing in chandleries and on the websites of online booksellers.

As with previous editions, this is a major revamp where we have re-visited virtually every location mentioned in the book, taken new photographs, found many new updates and amendments, and rewritten many sections of the text, The book has grown by a further 10 pages and we have been able to incorporate many new and very useful aerial photographs. Our thanks go to the hardworking folk at Imrays who suffered our many requests and comments during their time laying out the book and putting it together.

There will be no further amendments to the 4th Edition.

The Ray, entrance buoyage (9th Aug 2019)

Courtesy of the good people at Benfleet YC, some extra port-hand buoys have been laid in the outermost part of the Ray, nearest the Leigh buoy, to help keep us off the shallows.

Roach - foul anchorage warning (9th July 2019)

There is a new warning of a risk of fouling anchors at 51°36’.206N 000°52’.223E, which is in Quay Reach, the bottom stretch of the Roach, on its east side just above The Quay and by the 5m contour, and ironically right in a charted anchorage.

The Spitway, and the SW Sunk (25th June 2019)

Our friend and colleague Roger Gaspar recently surveyed the Spitway and SW Sunk routes again. There is little change at the Spitway although the best water has continued to inch eastwards away from the buoys. The SW Sunk has changed rather more. His new chartlets, from his collection at www.crossingthethamesestuary.com, can also be found on our Downloads page.

Stone Point (26 May 2019)

We are pleased to make this year’s sketch of the route around Stone Point in the Walton Backwaters available on our Downloads page.

Walton & Frinton YC - approach and club basin (26 May 2019)

Also on our Downloads page, courtesy as always to W&FYC, we have published excellent new sketch dagrams of the approach to the club along Foundry Creek, and the new layout in the club moorings basin.

Deben & Ore Entrances (29 April 2019)

We have today published the new 2019 chartlets for the Deben and Ore entrances. Once again these have been drawn by Imray, and signed off by Trinity House through the special arrangement that exists between them for these river entrances. Each chartlet is preceded by an advice note, including a recent aerial photo by an ECP reader.

Benfleet Creek guidance notes and diagrams (02 April 2019)

These very useful assets have been updated recently following new surveys. They can as usual be found on the Benfleet YC website HERE.


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