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Medway - updates

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River Medway - P132 - Info Box - Medway VTS now operates remotely, still on VHF Ch74, but their phone number is 0151 949-6650 or -6148. Sheerness office is still on 01795 596596. Delete the number for Medway Navigation Service. (May/July 2018)

Rochester to the M2 Bridge - P144 - text - Strood YC website is now at www.stroodyachtclub.jimdo.com (Apr 2017)

River Medway - Approaches - P132 - delete para - chimney now demolished. P133 - chartlet - delete Chy(244). See also North Kent Coast updates. (Sept 2016)

Medway Entrance to Stangate - P133 - note exclusion zone around LNG terminals is 150m if no tanker present, 250m if there is a tanker present (July 2016)

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 River Medway - Updates