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Ore & Alde - updates

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Rivers Ore and Alde - P22 - Info box - change Honorary Port Pilot email to orfordhaven@eastcoastpilot.com

April 2018

River Ore - P23 - Entry - 3rd para - delete text from “…keeping close to the W…” to end of para. Replace with “..aiming for the beacon on the W shore. Keep over towards the W bank but don’t go too close in, and keep an eye on the deeper charted water on the current ECP chartlet. At the beacon, start to angle across the river towards North Weir Point, still keeping a close eye on the echo sounder. Off North Weir Point, turn up the middle of the river”.

Slaughden - P26 - 3 visitor moorings opposite the Martello, S of Aldeburgh YC; each can take 3 boats (July 2015)

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 Rivers Ore & Alde - Updates