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Roach - updates

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Holehaven - P113 - info box - delete ‘Haven Master’ and phone number. Also delete reference to Haven Master in last para, LH column. (Mar 2018)

Havengore - P106 and 107 - text and chartlet - the described route across the sands includes a waypoint at a steel post. We understand that this post is no longer visible. We suggest avoiding that spot in case of submerged wreckage. We also understand that some of the withies closer to the bridge have gone - call the bridge-keeper for advice if needed. (Sept 2016)

Havengore - P107 - Info panel - add range website address https://shoeburyness.qinetiq.com/public-safety/information-for-mariners.aspx (May 2016)

Chartlet - P102 - additional buoyage established in The Violet and Potton Creek as follows: SHB ‘Wakering Point’, at 51˚33’.893N 000˚49’.371E; PHB ‘Potton Bridge’ QR, at 51˚34’.177N 000˚49’.110E; PHB ‘Potton 2’ QR, at 51˚34’.284N 000˚49’.081E; SHB ‘Potton 3’ QG, at 51˚34’.410N 000˚48’.941E; PHB ‘Potton 4’ QR), at 51˚34’.593N 000˚48’.894E; SHB ‘Potton 5’ QG), at 51˚34’.65N 000˚48’.875E; PHB ‘Barlinghall’ QR, at 51˚34’.761N 000˚48’.482E; PHB ‘Barling Ness’ QR, at 51˚35’.244N 000˚48’.425E. Text - P105 - Yokesfleet Creek, 4th para onwards - amend appropriately. (May 2016)

Narrow Cuts - P105 - Reports suggest that the poles used as withies in ‘Narrow Cuts’, off the Roach, are mostly gone for the time being. Charts give a good indication of where the deeper water can be followed once the mud is all covered. (Nov 2015)

Chartlet - P102 - additional buoyage established as follows: SHB ‘Sutton Wharf no.1’ QG at 51˚34’.674N 000˚43’.647E; PHB ‘Sutton Wharf no.2’ QR at 51˚34’.69N 000˚43’.854E; SHB ‘Sutton Wharf no.3’ QG at 51˚34’.799N 000˚44’.654E; PHB ‘Sutton Wharf no.4’ QR at 51˚34’.839N 000˚44’.784E. Text - P104 - col 2 - amend appropriately. (Oct 2015)

Chartlet - P102 - additional buoyage installed as follows: PHB ‘Bob Chalk’ Q.R at 51˚34’.727N 000˚44’.454E; SHB ‘Ali Johnson’ Q.G at 51˚34’.714N 000˚44’.314E; PHB ‘Bill Willcocks’ Q.R at 51˚34’.698N at 000˚44’.144E; SHB ‘Linda Bailey’ Q.G at 51˚34’.712N 000˚44’.012E. Text - P104 - col 2 - amend appropriately. (May 2015)

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