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Swale - updates

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Queenborough - P163 - trot boat service during 2018 will normally run as follows -

April                     Friday, Saturday & Sunday           10am to 9:30pm

May & June           Monday to Thursday                    10am to 6pm  and  Friday to Sunday 10am to 9:30pm

July & August       Every day                                    10am to 9:30pm

September           Friday, Saturday & Sunday           10am to 9:30pm

Oct to March         Saturday & Sunday                      10am to 4 pm

Oare Creek - P156 - right-hand column, last para - Moorings at the Cylinder House are no longer run by Youngboats; instead call 07905 106236. (Sept 2017)

Queenborough - (especially for Dave Selby of PBO) - the nearest golf-pro shop is at Sittingbourne Golf Club, at 51° 20'.24N  000° 4'.10E

Harty Ferry - P152/3 - The Ferry House Inn no longer has showers available for yachtsmen. Best to phone first to check opening hours. (Oct 2016)

Kingsferry Bridge - P161 - 3rd para - pending long-term replacement of machinery, lifts on Mon-Sat are now available only hourly, at about H+0010.  Sundays about H+0015. (May 2016)

Queenborough - P163 - harbour diagram now on our Downloads page. (Dec 2015)

Queenborough - P163 - Text, left-hand column, 4th para starting ‘The ATL has a turnstile…’ - tokens now free to visitors, but access now may be also by keycode which is given to visiting boats. (Oct 2015)

Chartlet - P150 - insert new NCB(Q) ‘Uplees’ at 51° 21’.31N 000° 52’.69E and note that it guards a dangerous wreck.

Rolling Road - P151 - add NCB as above, immediately above ‘Faversham Spit’ buoy on diagram. (April 2015)

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