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Thames - updates

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Thames Barrier Test Closures - view the monthly closure programme for November 2018 to April 2019 (links to the PLA web site). Remember that all flood gates on the lower river are also closed at the same time, in some cases barring traffic to and from moorings.


Thames Barrier Navigation Centre - P122 - info box - change phone no to 0203 260 7711 (Nov 2018)

Greenwich YC - P123 - Info box - Change phone number for Harbourmaster to 0208 396 0321. Also contact available on VHF Ch 37 (M/M1) (Oct 2018)

Gravesend - P118 - Info box - Yacht Club - Gravesend SC - change phone no. to 07506 367699 (Aug 2018)

St. Katharine Dock - P129 - plan - pump-out available in all 3 basins; no washroom in West Dock now, but one in East Dock; pontoon layouts changed (new plan to come).

P130 - Info box- pump-outs now accessible from most berths in the marina; Calor gas may also be available from local agent via enquiry at the marina office. Add ‘Doctor - in Sir Thomas More Street, by marina NE entrance’.

P131 - text - RH column - first para, last line, delete words ‘but has no washroom’. (May 2017)

South Dock Marina - P127 - Info box - Contact - Ch37 is the primary/preferred channel to call. (July 2015)

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 River Thames - Updates