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Last Reviewed and updated 4 June 2021

Stone Point, Walton Backwaters (4th June 2021)

A new chartlet for the area around Stone Point is now available on our Downloads page, with grateful thanks to the Walton & Frinton Yacht Club.

Queenborough - switched on! (18th May 2021)

Visiting boats at Queenborough can now plug in to shore power when alongside the pontoon, for a small extra fee.

Deben and Ore Entrances (Updated 6th May 2021)

New surveys of the two entrances have been carried out by Trinity House, and the new Imray chartlets for both entrances are available on our Downloads page. Please be sure to read the note that is included with each downloaded chart. The Ore entrance chartlet has already been amended very slightly. Update: Both downloads now include aerial photographs.

Harwich Harbour - dredging and spoil dumping (23rd April 2021)

Starting today, dredging will be taking place for about five days in Harwich Harbour. We think that this is a horror for leisure boat owners! The two areas shown in the Orwell on this notice are just down-river of SYH and form inshore areas where boats turn about to lower sails and drop fenders etc. One of us has waited out a tide stuck on one of the humps caused by this form of disposal, and we can tell you it’s no fun.

The areas shown in the Stour are popular anchorages for yachts. It takes a good couple of seasons for the spoil to be washed away down river and back into the harbour!

Great Yarmouth - big problems at the Haven Bridge (27th Mar 2021)

Haven Bridge is out of normal operation and will continue to be out of operation until mechanical and electrical upgrade works are completed. This is the first of the two bridges reached when inbound.

The upgrade work is expected to be complete by early summer. However, it may be possible to lift the bridge on a limited number of dates before the upgrade work is complete. Any lifts will take significantly longer than usual as the powered lifting mechanism will be out of action. Due to this any lifts will need to be carried out in the evening/overnight under a full road closure.

The provisional list of dates (which may change due to programme changes or adverse weather) is as follows:

· 16 April

· 29 April

· 14 May

· 27 May

· 11 June

· 25 June

The mechanical and electrical works are being carried out by Norfolk County Council’s contractors. Prior to booking a lift on any of the provisional dates please call Norfolk County Council (on 0344 800 8020) 3 to 7 days in advance to check that the lift can go ahead on the chosen date. Please then call again 24 hours in advance to double check that the lift can go ahead. Bookings (which must be made between 3 and 7 days ahead of each lift) are to be made via Peel Ports on the usual booking number: 01493 335522.

Mistley Quay (16th Feb 2021)

A recent court ruling suggests that the notorious fencing along the edge of Mistley Quay, on the River Stour, could be removed, restoring ready access to visiting boats. However, as with all such things, we will have to wait and see what actually happens! Perhaps ‘Elfen Safety’ will intrude…..

Pot markers - the Scots fix the problem (9th July 2020)

Online discussions recently suggest that the pot marker problem in the Naze area is as bad, or perhaps worse, than usual. We welcome the news that, after great efforts by the Cruising Association’s RATS committee, the Scottish Government has now made ‘informal’ marking of lobster and crab pots illegal. We wholeheartedly support their ongoing efforts to persuade our Government to do the same. Read the details here: https://www.theca.org.uk/news/scottish_creel_marking_order

Latest 5th Edition of ECP (9th September 2019)

We are pleased to announce that the new 5th edition of ECP has been published, and is already appearing in chandleries and on the websites of online booksellers.

As with previous editions, this is a major revamp where we have re-visited virtually every location mentioned in the book, taken new photographs, found many new updates and amendments, and rewritten many sections of the text, The book has grown by a further 10 pages and we have been able to incorporate many new and very useful aerial photographs. Our thanks go to the hardworking folk at Imrays who suffered our many requests and comments during their time laying out the book and putting it together.

There will be no further amendments to the 4th Edition.

Roach - foul anchorage warning (9th July 2019)

There is a new warning of a risk of fouling anchors at 51°36’.206N 000°52’.223E, which is in Quay Reach, the bottom stretch of the Roach, on its east side just above The Quay and by the 5m contour, and ironically right in a charted anchorage.


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