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Last Reviewed and updated 1st Sept 2022

New Dangerous Wreck - close to the Colne Bar SHB (1st Sept 2022)

Yesterday' s daily Notices to Mariners (31st August) reported a dangerous wreck close by the Colne Bar starboard hand buoy. We suggest you don't pass close by the buoy!

3682(T)/2022 ENGLAND - East Coast - Wreck.

Source: Maritime and Coastguard Agency

(SEP: 2022000206846 - 313236).

1. A dangerous wreck has been reported in approximate position 51° 44´·6N., 1° 02´·5E.

2. Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in the area and consult the local port authorities for the latest information.


Charts affected - 1975 - 3741 (INT 1571) - 5607_3 - 5607_9

Suffolk Yacht Harbour (26th July 2022)

A number of readers have expressed disappointment at the closure of the small general store within the chandlery at Suffolk Yacht Harbour. Good news: visiting yachtsmen can pre-order food deliveries from Jen at the Harbourside Kitchen, the new cafe established on site by the gate. If orders are placed before 1500 hrs they’ll be available for collection from the cafe after 0930 the following morning. If you know when you’re arriving and want a food box ready for your arrival you can call Jen on 07786935472, or email her at info@harboursidekitchen.co.uk. Butchery products are prepared Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and all staples such as bread and milk are delivered daily.

Dover Marina - closed to visitors (updated 14th July 2022)

Not in the ECP area, but doubtless used by many ECP readers each year - Dover Marina announced that the marina would be closed to all visitors from 13th May until the end of August.

After a lot of criticism they have found a way to relent a little, saying they can take visitors but they must book in advance.

Bridgemarsh Marina - works restricting access (20th June 2022)

Mariners are advised that work on the refurbishment of Bridgemarsh Marina has now commenced.

The Marina has requested that unless mariners are a customer of Bridgemarsh Marina to please avoid Althorne Creek, as there will be limited moorings available and parking facilities.

Work is likely to be completed around mid-September 2022.

Bradwell Marina - entrance channel tide gauge (3rd May 2022)

Thank you to an ECP reader who informed us that the tide gauge on the pole at the river end of the entrance channel is missing. We’ve been in touch with the marina who tell us it was knocked off by a passing boat and will be replaced as soon as possible.


  Canvey - available chartlets and diagrams updated (3rd Feb 2022)

The incredibly detailed and useful chartlets and diagrams of Benfleet Creek and the Rays have been updated again by Phil Bostock. As usual they are available on the Benfleet YC website.

Middle Sunk - warning (6th Dec 2021)

We don’t cover cross-estuary short cuts in any detail, leaving that to Roger Gaspar and his ‘Crossing the Thames Estuary’. He warns this week that the Middle Sunk crossing looks no longer viable unless extreme care is taken. Details at https://www.crossingthethamesestuary.com/page9.html, under ‘Week 50’.

Thames - Gallions Point Marina (2nd Oct 2021)

We are sorry to report that it seems that Gallions Point Marina is no longer trading. It was a family business, established and run for many years but the landowners intend now to redevelop the area. It was a very ‘different’ boating facility, not a place that would appeal to everybody, but it had its own character and merits.

Lowestoft - new Gull Wing Bridge construction (28th July 2021)

Mariners and Port Users are advised that construction work and marine plant activities related to the new Gull Wing Bridge are under way on the South side of Lake Lothing.

All vessels are requested to navigate with extreme caution when transiting this area, and to pass the construction site at slow speed to reduce the effects of vessel wash.

Please contact Lowestoft Port Control on VHF Ch14, Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required.


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