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Lowestoft - updates

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Additional comment re approaches -

Changes to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft shoals

Thanks to our colleague Roger Gaspar (crossingtheThamesEstuary.com) who has been closely monitoring changes to the sand banks off Yarmouth and Lowestoft, we can report that:

The 5m contour on the north side of the Caister Shoal has extended East however, the buoyage is fine, and there is plenty of depth of water through the N entrance to Yarmouth Roads, but it is slightly narrower.

A former swatchway across the South Scroby Sand now looks to have closed.

The Barley SCB (Q(6)+LFl.15s)has been moved north (to Latitude 52° 38.500’N Longitude 001° 52.960’E), guarding the S tip of the Cross Sand; the 10m contour at the Middle Cross Sand has substantially moved to the East, although this shouldn’t inconvenience yachts to any great extent. Similarly, the 10m contour of the South Cross Sand has extended North and East, so if aiming to pass through the Barley Pickle channel, keep a bit closer to the Barley SC (Q(6)+LFl.15s).

The NW Holm SHB (G.15s) was substantially moved south (to Latitude: 52º 30.900’ N Longitude: 001º 46.500’ E) to guard an unexpected shoal with a depth of 0.3m on the east side of the Corton Road (important, don’t pass E of this buoy).

The South Holm SCB (VQ (6)+LFl.10s) was moved South (to Latitude:52° 26.630’ N Longitude: 001° 47.250’ E) and so the gap between it and the Newcombe Sand PHB (Q.R.), marking the entrance to the Stanford Channel to Lowestoft, has narrowed.

The 5m contour of the north part of the Holm Sand has extended out to the East, narrowing the entrance to the Holm Channel.

None of these changes significantly alter our advice in ECP about entering either Yarmouth or Lowestoft; however, greater care and vigilance is needed entering the Stanford and Holm Channels and the N entrance to Yarmouth Roads as they all appear to have narrowed to differing degrees. (Feb 2021)

Rolling Roads - Pviii and P13 - Correction for ‘Lowestoft Entrance from East’ available to print from the Downloads page. (Sep 2020)

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 Lowestoft - Updates