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Medway - updates

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Text - P145 - first para - the harbour authority has removed the moorings in Rats Bay. (Apr 2022)

Entry to River Medway - P135 - 1st para - the ferry terminal is back in use. There is a large yellow mooring buoy NE of it, do not pass between the mooring buoy and the jetty as there is a permanent line attached between the two. (Aug 2021)

Entry to River Medway - P135 - 2nd para - the traffic control lights are now operated only when ships over 130m are moving. (Sep 2020)

Stangate Creek to Bishop Spit - P138 - text, last para - there were 3 heavy mooring buoys, 2 have been removed. One, No.23, remains. (Feb 2020)

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 River Medway - Updates