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The East Coast and Thames Estuary is an area of huge and frequent change. We take great pains to ensure accuracy at the time of writing, but even by the time of publication there are likely to be changes and it is vital for the navigator to watch for these and to exercise seamanlike commonsense, always referring to the most up-to-date charts and published chart corrections.  

We hope that readers will share their discoveries of changes by contacting us through the website. Here we can promptly document any specific changes to the published text, enabling readers to keep their books as up to date as possible.

The fifth and current edition (published 2019) incorporated the many detail changes found during the life of the 4th Edition, plus hundreds more found during compilation, substantial re-writing of some sections, and many new photographs and other improvements over its 2015 predecessor.

Updates for the current edition are arranged by Chapter via the drop-down menu from the ‘Book Updates’ button above on the tool bar. From the same drop-down, see the ‘Summary by date’ page where we batch the updates by calendar month and make them available as a small downloadable PDF for printing off at home. Also on that Summary Page you will find a button to download a printable PDF of the complete current set of updates, including any extra or updated chartlets and diagrams, a useful feature to get your new purchase right up to date quickly.

If we can, we tend to add updates to the website as soon as we learn of them and can verify the information - we are obsessive about getting it right! We use Twitter at the time of update to broadcast a ‘heads-up’ about the change - a sign-up link for our Twitter feed, ‘@eastcoastpilot’, is at the foot of this page.

We also publish a free newsletter by email, a few in summer and less often in winter. If you would like to join this very popular service, you can Sign Up for news emails using the button below.

Updates are gleaned from our own cruising in the area, by scanning Notices to Mariners, by word of mouth, advice from our Honorary Port Pilots, and from you, our readers. Together we believe that we make East Coast Pilot the most up-to-date and accurate pilot book available.


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